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Hardscape Design, Decks, Custom Planters and Landscape construction: Custom Carpentry, Pergolas, Decking, Stone work, Masonry and concrete Roof Pavers or for Patios, Driveways & Walkways.
Rooftop and Penthouse Garden Design, Terrace gardens, Concrete Rooftop Pavers, Decks and IPE Decking tiles. Custom built wooden Planter Boxes, Poolscapes, Courtyard Landscaping, Front & Rear Yard Home Garden Drip Irrigation, Outdoor & Landscape Lighting by True  Landscape Designers! 
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"Specializing in Asian Garden Design"

 From Initial Garden Design and Hardscape Design: Our Designers or yours. New York Plantings has the experience, ability and know how to Design, Custom Decks, Planter Boxes, Pergolas and our specialty:  Built in IPE wood Planters to match your Patio,Courtyard,Terrace, Rooftop or any Garden. We can work from a simple concept sketch, photos of a style of Garden design or Landscaping features. Our Landscape and Garden Designers can produce for you and artist rendering or an advanced Architectural style Landscape plan for your home or corporate space. We take the time ti listen to you and learn how you wish to use the outdoor space.

Below: This Manhattan, NYC Urban Rear Yard Landscape project was built by New York Plantings Landscape Contractors for a well known Architect from the blueprint design below. Features of this courtyard style garden include: custom built IPE hardwood Planters, A custom made IPE horizontal fence design, Concrete Pavers, French drain, foundation waterproofing, drip irrigation watering system and Landscape Lighting. 2 different species of Bamboo are planted as well as hosta and hydrangea. New York Plantings Landscape Contractors are Trusted by the top NYC Landscape Architects, Garden Designers,Builders and other Garden Companies to manage Rooftop Garden and traditional Landscape projects. More Pics. 

 Above Courtyard Garden Design provided by Contractor. New York Plantings Garden Design has been chosen by respected builders in NYC to Design and Install Gardens, Hardscape and Landscapes. Visit our photo gallery to see just how we build custom planters and planter boxes  

          imagejpeg_2_104.jpg  Above Another successful NYC Terrace Garden Renovation? YES! New York Plantings takes you from initial rooftop garden design consultation to a complete ready to use terrace or roof deck. This project had a sagging poorly designed composite decking system so we renovated the rooftop hardscape and deck completely. We work in a clean professional manner. Landscape and rooftop demolition are handled neatly and carefully. You will be very happy with how well our Demolition crews, Landscapers and Master Gardening teams work to keep your building and apartment clean. We respect your home and building and neighbors.
 These  above IPE hardwood planter boxes came from an idea I saw online for "L shaped planter boxes". Our NYC hardscape carpenters been using this custom planter design in a few different variations. New York Plantings Landscape Contracting team did a great job on this Fall season NYC Rooftop Garden design and build project. Complete with Landscape lighting and automatic drip irrigation for a watering system. Plantings are fairly simple with Purple plumb trees, blue rug juniper, peony, 'PJM' rhodendron, and knockout roses. We will update you on this project in Spring when we plant some annuals and perennial flowers. If you would like a reference the client may be available for comment.   

  We build the finest quality decks, custom planters and planter boxes on your rooftop terrace or anywhere else
 Building Custom IPE Fence, installing Concrete Pavers, Building and installing custom IPE Planter Boxes, Drip Irrigation and Landscape Lighting on Long Island, Westchester, New York City for several years New York Plantings has true Urban Garden Design and installation experience for your Rooftop, Terrace or Yard. True Garden, Landscape Design and installation experience in suburban and city settings.                                                                       
 This Design: is from a local NYC Landscape Architect Called Walter. New York Plantings Garden Design Built and installed the entire Garden Structure and Hardscape. This particular Garden Design for a Brooklyn Rooftop Garden was a challenge due to the unusual angles and fusion of Wood Decking and Concrete Pavers with Greenroof style Sod Grass Lawn all on one Rooftop Garden Design! 


Decking and Pavers, Rooftop and Terrace Garden Design, Building Decks, Paver or concrete Roof Tile installation: New York Plantings Knows How: 
Proper Drainage is critical when Designing Rooftop Decks and Concrete Paver Tile installation....New york Plantings Construction team are experts in Installing Decking, Concrete pavers expert in technique and application or modern, proven drainage systems keep your rooftop Garden and Hardscape trouble free for decades!
One company should design, build and install Planters and subsystems such as Drip Irrigation and Outdoor Landscape Lighting. One company does the entire installation.

Here in a matter of only a few short weeks, we went from Design concept by a local Landscape Architect to the complete casual but very usable Rooftop Garden and Hardscape complete with Custom Planters, Custom Milled Black Locust Decking, (please ask about custom milled hardwoods straight from local wood mills) For this Rooftop Garden Design, New York Plantings Garden Installers and Landscape Construction crew actually made provision for a REAL SOD LAWN right in the middle of this NYC Rooftop Garden! Plantings thanks to Lisa Cangialosi  
 After this NYC Rooftop Garden Design was Installed and Built New York Plantings Drip Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Crews went to work. 

If you have come to know New York Plantings Garden design and Gardening Services then you already know that when it comes to gardening in New york metro area there is simply no better. Hardcore Gardeners and Landscapers with roots on Long Island over 17 Years ago. Certified in Horticulture, Tree care and Garden design, planting and Garden maintenance techniques. Knowing what to plant and just what species grow best in our environment takes years of experience, trial and error. We use plantings that are unique but still proven to thrive in our area as well as provide year round interest when designing our gardens or suggesting replacements and additions to our clients Garden or Landscape. We truly care about your satisfaction and enjoyment of your Garden, Landscaping and Outdoor space. Just Ask any of our Gardening and Landscape Design clients in the Metro New York areas.

 How do they get all that stuff up on the Roof Garden or into the Yard???
                         Very carefully, skillfully and without mess and absolutely NO damage inconvenience to you or your neighbors!!
New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Construction Crews work to find the best route to the project and do their best to deliver the Landscaping and Hardscape Materials in a neat efficient manner. Not many companies in NYC have the experience in Garden and Landscape Materials delivery that New York Plantings has. Fully licensed and insured....of course! 
Right through the building...through the penthouse apartment, to the Terrace Gardens and Rooftop Gardens without a mess!!  

                                     37W 12th Street e by New York Plantings Garden Designers.pdf
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Custom Built IPE Hardwood, Metal and other Planters, Planter Boxes, Storage boxes, Custom built Seating, Custom Outdoor Furniture, Window Boxes for Rooftop & Penthouse Gardens, Courtyards, Home Patios and Decks. For Builders, Architects, Gardeners or Landscape Designers: We provide Custom outdoor Carpentry and Hardscape services to discerning clients as well as the "Garden Design and Landscape Trade"  
Custom built oiled IPE Planters for Manhattan Terrace Garden 
          below: Going Green with "Reclaimed" IPE fencing made from a Deck that was removed in West Village Rooftop Garden, Manhattan
               Our Trade mark Custom IPE Planter Design Design Shown here with Custom built IPE Fence in Manhattan NYC Roof Garden 
One of many beautiful Garden Terraces designed by New York Plantings Garden Designers and built under direction of Todd Nappi, President of New York Plantings. 
For more photos of our projects and abilities please ask and we will be happy to send you more information or stop by to have a look at your yard, garden or outdoor space.
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