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Rooftop Garden Designers & Builders of Rooftop Gardens in Manhattan and NYC Metro areas for more than a decade.  Including: Terrace Gardens,Balconies,Greenroofs  
      specializing in turnkey Rooftop Gardens
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Rooftop, Terrace and Penthouse Garden Design: A unique, fresh persepective rooted in years of garden and landscape experience. Promising young designers, carpenters, stone masons assist experienced master gardeners in creating designs and innovative solutions for distinctive usable outdoor spaces. The best ideas in Rooftop Garden design and construction from balcony to a skyscraper, an oasis on top of the world...New York Plantings creates Rooftop and terrace designs on a near daily basis. Since we actually design and build rooftop hardscapes then installand maintain many of the gardens we design you know that we will offer real world concepts that fit your budget and meet all of your requirements.  New York Plantings Rooftop Garden Designers are called upon by the Landscape Architect, local garden companies, property management and homeowners alike to consult and draft garden designs and renderings in several styles.   

To view some of our designs and previous projects please visit this You Tube video showing a few of our many designs

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     Real time garden design, rooftop gardening, landscape construction please visit our Google places daily image uploads
 Bringing Rooftop and Terrace Garden Design ideas and concepts to completion. Managing your Rooftop or Penthouse project from beginning to end is serious business. How to choose the right company for the job.                                         

                     New York Plantings Garden Designers know and understand the Rooftop Garden Design and Build process.
 We have the experience of working in an urban environment and managing rooftop garden design and build projects. 
    A little about rooftop gardening in NYC: 
 New York Plantings Garden Designers know that Rooftop and terrace gardens are not like traditional Landscaping and Gardening!! On a rooftop,penthouse or terrace garden we need to grow our flowers, Plants and Trees in containers, pots or planters, planter boxes or some other substitute for mother earth. It takes not only years of experience, but a true love for gardening as well as having a garden of your own to truly appreciate the experience that we bring to our clients, their families and friends. Rooftop gardeners should have several years of landscape and gardening experience as well as some sort of formal training in horticulture, botany or arboriculture BEFORE becoming a rooftop gardener or offering rooftop gardening services to clients. Even with years of gardening and tree care experience it takes passion and genuine dedication to create a beautiful outdoor space on a rooftop or terrace. It's one thing to make something look nice with fresh plants. Will the Garden designer consider planting your terrace or rooftop gardens with Trees and Shrubs that provide year round color and interest? Do you have plantings proven to grow well in our NYC rooftop garden environment? Will the plantings survive the winter? Super hot summer days? Rooftop garden plantings are subject to continuos high winds in any season. This causes the soil in planters as well as the plantings to dry out. There are gardening techniques that help the trees survive and root systems to become established....half the battle when gardening in containers or planters on a NYC rooftop or terrace.  How can you avoid having to replace the same trees and shrubs on your rooftop garden every year in Spring?  Any Landscape garden or rooftop garden will be most valuable and look best with Trees and shrubs that are established and healthy. Your rooftop garden should boast trees and plantings that are several years old as they are far more interesting and beautiful, more resistant to disease and the extreme conditions found in rooftop gardens and terrace gardens. Thats why larger trees cost more than smaller ones...mature trees are more valuable. Mature, healthy root systems can handle an extended dry spell if your drip irrigation or watering system should fail. A good NYC rooftop garden service company should be able come up with innovative garden and  design ideas, properly plant and maintain your garden (mulch, pruning, feeding, training of vines and climbers, seasonal flowers),  be trained and equipped to properly install, repair and service irrigation systems, landscape lighting and any other concern with your rooftop garden space. New York Plantings has proven to be a resource in NYC for designing, Building, improving and Maintaining Rooftop, Penthouse and terrace gardens. We build from black tar up to a ready to "come out and sit down" Rooftop, penthouse or terrace garden. We service and maintain what we install as well as welcome the opportunity to work with you on your rooftop garden. In NYC area we also offer Greenroof design and installation, Turf grass, artificial turf...outdoor and landscape lighting....Complete ready to use rooftop gardens! Any size project will be considered, corporate or residential.

Rooftop and Penthouse Gardening services, Maintenance and care......No place we would rather be! Besides Designing, building and irrigation services we enjoy the simple love of gardening. We plant flowers, shrubs and trees, Tree care, expert pruning and feeding, transplanting, new custom built wood planters and fiberglass planter boxes delivered and installed. New York Plantings not only provides garden services but also will clean your Rooftop Garden, Penthouse Garden, or Terrace keeping the outdoor space clean and looking great. 
Just ask our satisfied clients who we have built working relationships with over several years. 
    One of our master gardeners, rooftop garden designers or tradesmen will be happy to stop by and take a look at your rooftop or terrace discuss any rooftop garden needs or offer garden and hardscape design ideas.
  We are often able to sketch a rooftop garden or hardscape design plan within a few days. This will take the guesswork out of what your finished garden or terrace space will look like.

Site under construction...please be patient...we know our stuff about Rooftop Gardens and design...We arent just throwing money at a website to LOOK like we know our stuff...we build rooftops almost daily...year round in NYC. Visit us on a jobsite to see how its done!  
                                                        What has YOUR garden company been doing this winter???
   A super cold...crisp winters day in Brooklyn NYC, Our Carpenters are building this soon to be Rooftop garden with IPE hardwood Deck, Custom built wood planters, custom built fence, drip irrigation watering system, landscape garden lighting...the works!! Follow this rooftop gardening project from start to finish and get some rooftop garden ideas of your own.  New York Plantings....Our NYC custom deck carpenters would not want be anywhere else!  
We document our projects from design sketch to compltion thru years of care and establishment. As our gardens mature they become more special and personally satisfying to the homeowners or visitors.Ask us to discuss with you how we intend to make your Roof garden a special place for you.   

     New York Plantings Rooftop Gardeners NYC team maintains some of the coolest rooftop and terrace gardens. We take a complete approach to maintain your outdoor space leaving it ready to use and completely functional. Our clients trust us to take great care of their rooftop or penthouse gardens. We always present great new garden design ideas while keeping the plantings healthy. This Manhattan rooftop garden was built by our carpenter friend Dave Nixon. New York Plantings Garden Team Replaced several dead shrubs and trees, added roses and bamboo with some annual color for fun. Our Irrigation service technicians corrected the drip irrigation watering system, Our gardeners keep the garden healthy with season services, the IPE deck oiled and the outdoor space spotless. 

 Rooftop gardens in many styles from contemporary garden designs,Asian landscapes,Cottage style roof gardens and traditional roof garden styles 

Roof gardens are a specialty in NYC. Whether Terrace garden, Penthouse decks, planters, Pergolas Drip watering systems,garden lighting or roof garden maintenance, Spring rooftop gardening, Roof garden care, design and construction is what we do all day, every day.  

.page under if you cannot tell? geez. we build and maintain rooftops in Manhattan and NYC Metro area, New Jersey and beyond daily! This is our trade abd we are in this business to stay!

Please call New York Plantings Garden Designers.....You cant go wrong!
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