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    Master Gardeners.... "Specializing in Asian Garden Design and Technique"

New York Plantings Garden Designers, Drip Irrigation Services and The Most Beautiful Garden Installations NYC.
An Established Leader in the NYC Outdoor Space improvement Trades.

Penthouse Terrace Gardens • Roof Decks • Custom Planters • Drip Irrigation Systems

Contact NY Plantings to create a beautiful, inviting unique outdoor space that is low maintenance, provides year round color and interest with garden design and plantings proven to thrive in our environment.  

 NYC Garden Designer and Landscape Contractor which originated in 1999 on the North Shore of Eastern Long Island has been established in Manhattan, NYC and metro areas for over a decade. 
NewYorkPlantings Landscape Designer and owner brings the intense interest in ornamental horticulture, utilizing and improving upon the strengths of your urban outdoor space. Combining advanced garden practice with exceptional mechanical abilities.


  MORE: Unique Landscape Design & Garden Design, Irrigation systems, Landscape Lighting, Creative Landscaping Styles, Hardscape Construction and Garden Maintenance company in the Metro New York/Long Island area.
 NYC Garden and Landscape Design is our first mission:
True Master Gardeners with both formal training and several years of "Garden Practice". In the past decade of working in the NYC Landscape Design and Garden Services Company as well as our NYC Drip Irrigation/Landscape Lighting Company we have saved many landscape design, rooftop garden and penthouse terrace images. Photo documented projects from initial concepts, Landscape and Garden Design planning to completion of the hardscaping, planting and entire landscape installation project we have proven several times that NY Plantings Garden Installation Team and NYC Irrigation System Installers will get the job done.
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Gardening services, Drip Irrigation System services and Landscape Maintenance: (sorry, we do not cut grass!) We maintain the gardens and irrigation systems we install. 
NewYorkPlantings, an established authority in Urban and tradtional garden practice, has been providing NYC customers with garden maintenance, tree care and a large scope of outdoor space/landscape care or improvements. We have specialized in NYC residential landscaing for over a decade such as penthouse terrace gardens, rooftop gardens or brownstone/townhouse landscapes. NY plantings does offer services for corporate roof gardens, restaurants and hotels as well. 
Spring irrigation system startups, Fall irrigation winterizing and irrigation service contracts are part of our one stop approach to NYC outdoor space care. 

 We do provide soap and water wash down services as well. Keep your penthouse garden terrace or landscaping looking great, protecting your investment and the health of your plantings. "Just come out and sit down".  
New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape Contractors are setting innovative standard by offering the most complete scope of services available in the Garden Design, Irrigation, and Landscape Contractors industry. From soft billowing cottage gardens, Contemporary Landscape Designs to our specialty: "Asian Garden and Landscape Design" 
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Penthouse Garden Terraces Landscape Maintenance, Drip Irrigation Service,Master Gardeners NYC
newyorkplantings,NY Plantings,New York Plantings garden,NYC garden designers,rooftop gardens,roof deck builders,drip irrigation,grass on rooftop,roof gardens,terrace garden designers,garden design nyc,manhattan garden services,rooftop garden ideas, terrace garden design  Greenroof design and greenroof installation: Besides traditional penthouse roof gardens and terrace landscapes,NY Plantings has been installing "greenoofs" since before the term green-roof became popular. Long before the availability of engineered greenroof systems became available we have been successfully creating greenroof style gardens and real turf for New York City rooftop and terrace gardens. Sedum, ornamental and indigenous grasses along with combinations of both. If the prospect of utilizing all of your rooftop garden space or penthouse terrace for greenroof installation seems a bit much then consider the NY Plantings trademark roof garden designs incorporating green roof fusion concepts that allow you to enjoy a traditional rooftop or terrace garden but with utility spaces or unused areas hosting elegant, low maintenance greenroof style plantings.   
New Rooftop
gardens can be designed with sod or real grass
  Existing NY roof gardens or large garden terraces can likely enjoy the benefits of experienced garden and landscape design enthusiast from New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors. Garden design updates can be achieved in several ways. By adding fresh elements to your existing landscape or rooftop garden, update your "roofscape" or landscape design with the addition of new section of greenroof installation to add greenery to those places in your landscape that are difficult to add planter boxes, shrubs and trees, add hedges or mixed plantings for privacy screening, create living walls,vertical gardens and simple accents using climbing plants such as ivy..
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"greenroof fusion" rooftop gardens with sod or turf lawn or the popular Roof top gardens utilizing greenroof techniques for meadow style plantings with green roof sedum tiles or low maintenance, hardy indigenous field plantings such as perennial grasses,  blueberry (vaccinium) and other sub-shrubs. Greenroof design and installations with indigenous to our native landscapes. The use of native plants is also not a new idea but holds merit. By utilizing plantings that grow naturally in our region we can be assured of a successful garden outcome. Proper greenroof construction is key in creating a reliable rooftop landscape. Design features and aesthetics are of course important however an experienced rooftop garden construction company such as New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contracting has the NYC green roof construction and installation experience learned from several years of working to design and install rooftop gardens.

Why us? 
Why not choose a master garden company that combines professional skill, proper tools & equipment, landscape contracting expertise of managing and completing rooftop garden projects in Manhattan and the metro NYC areas?

In the same business? 
Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, project managers and builders are welcome to contact
New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors NYC as a resource for completing your greenroof, rooftop garden and landscape projects. 
Remember, we also install professional grade drip irrigation systems as well as provide maintenance for greenroofs and rooftop gardens
. A true resource to help build your garden from demolotion, landscape design concept to completion. Several projects documented from design rendering to turn key outdoor spaces. 

Rocks, Boulders,stone and pavers. 
Stone walls, Rock Gardens, Walkways,Stone Patios 

More information:
The styles of New York Plantings Garden Designers owner, a master gardener and leading landscape designer, Todd Nappi, can be seen in many NYC Gardens and Landscapes from Manhattan to Montauk, Long Island and surrounding areas. Master Gardeners, Landscape Designers, Landscape construction and Irrigation services for Long Island, Manhattan's Rooftop Gardens and Terrace Gardens, NYC Village cafe's, fine hotels and from Townhouse Landscape Design to penthouse rooftop garden decks. Long Island, Westchester and surrounding suburbs are where New York Plantings Garden Designers became known for their creative Landscape Dsigners with innovative Gardening and Landscaping service techniques. New York Plantings Garden Design and Irrigation systems co. is equally experienced with both Residential and Corporate Landscaping and Gardening, from design to installation to Grounds maintenance.Corporate Outdoor Lighting and Residential Landscape Lighting, Lawn Sprinklers, Garden watering systems, Terrace and Rooftop Garden Drip Irrigation systems. Consider New York Plantings Garden Designers NYC for any NYC Landscape Contracting requirements.
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True you see this everywhere but...please visit our Facebook, Gardening Blog and NYPlantings Twitter really will have some good info. We are working on a YouTube Channel as well! You can contact us anytime to ask our advice or consult for your Garden, Landscape or any outdoor space, even Irrigation system or lawn sprinkler related questions and landscape lighting too.  We still love to Garden and Landscape! *Please give us a call for an in person consultation. Above all: Thank you for visiting our site! We Service Long Island, New York City, New Jersey, Westchester areas. More Photos? Click a picture! Our Google Plus has misc. NY garden services, Hardscape installations, drip irrigation system installations and landscape contractor images.

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Even MORE Information!  
NEW YORK PLANTINGS GARDEN DESIGNERS AND LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS: Rooftop Gardening and Traditional Landscaping Meet! Established to design and create better outdoor spaces is now known and trusted by the garden and landscape community with  a growing number of discerning clients in the NYC and New Jersey Metro areas.
NY Plantings employs a team of Garden Designers, Landscapers, Master Gardeners and expert Hardscape tradesmen in Carpentry and Stone work. Custom built Planters and Planter Boxes, Fence and deck building or other Landscape construction.
      A Landscape Irrigation/Lighting 
services company has been established as New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting to better serve our clients ensuring that our high quality standards are realized in all facets of the landscape design, hardscape build, garden installation and landscaping maintenance process. We are first and formost a true Garden/Landscape Design and Ornamantal  Horticultural services company. Deep appreciation for all types of plant and tree life and proven track record of  real "Garden Enthusiast" hands-on experience in many styles of landscape or garden design philosophy. Add to our Gardening Experience Custom Carpentry and Hardscapes of any kind. Then, a strong technical background, advanced mechanical ability   New York Plantings Landscape Construction are experienced Deck designers and Deck builders. Fabrication of Pergolas, Custom Decks, Custom or Fiberglass Planters and Planter Boxes. Masons and Stoneworkers compliment our team for Brick and Stone Patios, Stone Retaining walls, fire places, Stone Walkways. We build entire Rooftop and Terrace Gardens. We Design, build or install  Vertical Gardens: Creating Living Walls and climbing plants in all styles and sizes. As part of our full scope of Garden and Landscape Maintenance services we now include Deck, Patio Furniture Refinishing (Some services are available on a limited basis.) 
If you can imagine it for your outdoor space, New York Plantings Garden Design, Landscaping services and NY Irrigation companies can build it! 
Below:   Payback on investment. 100% by NewYorkPlantings landscape design/build team. A freshly completed Brooklyn Brownstone Rear Yard Landscape Design and installation. Year round color inviting us outdoors! Improving the view from inside the home both day and night. Custom built deck and horizontal wood fence finished with redwood stain. Custom made planters with built in bench seating.  
Low Maintenance but unmatched garden design,  automatic Drip Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, A trademark complete turnkey landscape package by New York Plantings. One of our many projects that went from design concepts to completion. Your Urban Landscape Design should great in Winter or Summer!    custom built decks,fence builders,garden renovation,landscape lighting,NYC outdoor lighting,NYC garden designrs,newyorkplantings,NY Plantings,Todd Napi,landscapers,garden sevices Brooklyn,Brookyn Townhouse landscape,Landscaing design, small yard landscaping,uplight,urban garden design ideas,backyard designstownhouse garden deck NYC
 Above: (left to right)Before our landscape design and hardscape installation for this Brooklyn Brownstone rear yard, After comopletion, the renovated landscape by NY Plantings in Spring, birds eye view of the small rear yard landscape deck, garden and landscape in winter.
Penthouse Rooftop or Terrace Gardening: Not many landscape professionals can call themselves "Rooftop Gardeners" New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contracting is both a Roof Garden Design and Build company.
 A Specialty Garden design and outdoor construction trade, Rooftop garden design, Roof gardening and terrace gardens require not only years of garden experience but an understanding of horticulture and how to successfully grow trees, plants and shrubs in the more harsh rooftop environment in
planter boxes or containers. Drip Irrigation system design and installation by New York Plantings Irrigation is another service offered. Our "Roof Garden Designers" have designed, built and maintained several rooftop,terrace and Penthouse gardens as well as greenroofs for a decade. Mostly we have been renovating Penthouse Gardens, Terrace gardens and Rooftop Gardens for several years in Manhattan and the Metro NYC areas. New York Plantings Garden Designers has become a leading company in Manhattan and NYC areas gaining experience from years of field work in the Garden and Landscaping fields. We are up designing, building or gardening on a penthouse, rooftop or terrace nearly every day, year round. New York Plantings Garden Designers performs 5 star Garden Maintenance for Penthouse Gardens, Rooftop decks and terrace gardens. Your entire outdoor space is maintained, not just the garden and landscape. Your Deck, landscape lighting, Irrigation systems, and other features are kept in ready to use state. Most all of our Garden maintenance, Landscape Maintenance services are completed with a soap and water washdown of the patio,deck and living areas.  
        From simple plantings for terrace gardens (note the custom built IPE planter with clump birch on right)     
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NEW YORK PLANTINGS MASTER GARDENERS AND LANDSCAPERS: Gardening services that are second to none. The company chosen by professionals. Choose the company that is trusted by other Local Garden designers and Landscape Architects to build or install their designs and maintain their clients gardens. Manhattan Rooftop Garden Designers and NY's top Builders to provide, install and care  for your Plantings, Trees, Shrubs and Flowers  Formal education and Decades of hands on experience in fine gardening and advanced Landscape practices. New York Plantings is a multi certified (Horticulture and Arborist services as well as Landscape Design) professional Gardening, Landscaping and Irrigation company that has been serving the Northeast, New York City and Long Island Garden Design, Landscape, Garden maintenance and construction needs for nearly 18 years.
We provide landscaping, drip irrigation system or garden design services both residential gardens and commercial properties. Our trained experienced staff will deliver professional, courteous and prompt Landscaping,Tree care,Irrigation,Landscape Lighting and related Garden services. Insured and licensed as Gardener and Landscaper in Manhattan and the NY Metro areas.  We are just beginning to build our Garden&Landscape Design, Irrigation, Carpentry, Stone & Masonry work and Landscaping under construction, please excuse any errors. We are real hard working Landscape Tradesmen and even do our own website! There's not a bunch of fancy fluff here (anyone can take a closeup of a flower) just honest relevant information about the large scope of work we do including Garden Design, Landscape contractors & construction, Irrigation services Landscaping and Garden maintenance. We build your Deck, Patio, Garden and Landscape from start to finish. When New York Plantings Garden Designers, Hardscape, Garden installation, Landscape Lighting and Irrigation is finished, You can simply come out, sit down and enjoy. We create "Turnkey" complete ready to use Outdoor Spaces.
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Above: Our professional, trained electrician installs low voltage LED Landscape Lighting for a Manhattan NYC Penthouse Roof Deck Garden
NEW YORK PLANTINGS IRRIGATION AND LANDSCAPE LIGHTING: As with our Gardening and Landscape services you can have the same company for your irrigation services that the professionals use.  A team of Formally trained technicians with over 25 years experience in multi faceted mechanical and technical disciplines. Our staff is courteous, knowlegable, professional. 
For Outdoor, Landscape or Garden Lighting: whatever you choose to call it we have the experience of factory trained technicians to install and service any type of Landscape Lighting system. Continous education and technical training keep us on top of the the most efficient, energy saving longest lasting Landscape Lighting systems aavailable. 

  Please CALL or email for informative consultation at no charge. We would love to stop by and discuss your outdoor space. 
 True you see this everywhere but...please visit our Facebook, Gardening Blog and NYPlantings Twitter really will have some good info. We are working on a YouTube Channel as well! You can contact us anytime to ask our advice or consult for your Garden, Landscape or Irrigation related questions without obligation. Even though we are one of the hardest working and quickly growing Landscape Contractors and Master Gardeners we still love to admire, learn about and discuss Gardening  Landscaping in NYC! *Please give us a call for an in person consultation.  Above all: New York Plantings Garden Design and Irrigation wants to thank you for visiting our website! Thank You for your visit:)                                          You can contact us to request photos of our work or feel free to browse through our website                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  New York Plantings Garden Design, Drip Irrigation systems and Landscape contracting has 3 Divisions to better serve your garden needs:  Deck and Patio Builders (outdoor carpentry and stonework) retaining walls, concrete pavers, rooftop concrete tiles, stone facing for fire pits and outdoor kitchens, pergolas, arbors, lattice and living walls.

   Garden Design / Installation / Maintenance * Carpentry (Deck, Pergola and Patio builders) / Stonework (Retaining walls and Walkways) / Contracting Complete Landscape, Terrace Garden and Rooftop Hardescape Design and Build * Irrigation Services (Drip Irrigation Design, Installation, Maintenance) / Landscape Lighting (LED Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting) When looking for "Garden Designers" in our area, choose a garden design/build or landscape design company over a company that only performs garden maintenance. A company that has the ability to service "Drip Irrigation systems" is also a good choice. Irrigation companies should have dedicated service trucks only for the irrigation systems installation or irrigation systems repair. Many companies claim to perform irrigation systems installation but have little experience in designing and installing drip irrigation systems and especially "Rooftop Garden Irrigation." New York Plantings "garden designers" truly  loves this business and is in the "NYC Garden Design" trade for the long haul. Please connect with us and you will never let us go.
                  One Company to handle your Garden and Landscape Projects from Landscape Design Ideas, Consultation, Renderings to Building and installing your Gardens or Landscapes, Tree, Shrub and Garden Care and maintenance, Deck refinishing

                                                                               P: 347 558 7051 

                                              "Specializing in Asian Garden Design"

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   Please see our "New York Plantings "You Tube Channel" for just a few of our many projects and Landscape                                                                                                 Contracting Services                                                     
       Landscpe Architects, Garden Designers or our experienced Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Designers will create a rendering to help visualize your finished Garden or Landscape. Then our Master Gardeners, Tradesmen such as Custom Carpenters, Deck Builders, Stone Masons, Irrigation Service men and Landscape Installation Crew will complete the project.  
NEW YORK PLANTINGS LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS AND Drip IRRIGATION service are divisions of the original New York Plantings Garden Designers "Specializing in Asian Zen Garden Design" is the original idea and motto of the Garden Design division. (we specialize in all types of garden design) Manhattan Garden Designers have special Rooftop Gardening, Terrace Gardening, Vertical Gardening, Greenroof Garden Design and installation expertise. Long Island and surrounding area Landscapers provide Landscape installation and build services "on the ground" Our Deck builders and Custom Carpenters specialize in Outdoor Carpentry. New York Plantings performs services mainly in NYC as well as Gardening and Landscaping in Nassau and Suffolk counties: Outdoor Carpentry and Deck building , Look for New York Plantings as one of the best Irrigation companies in NY, Landscape and Garden Lighting Design installation services are second to none. Eventually we will offer Landscape Architecture.For Rooftop Garden,Yard Landscape, Deck and Patio design, Greenroof or Poolscapes:      
We offer Architectural quality Garden Design and Landscape design drawings in Auto Cad or 3D
NYC Garden Designer|Landscaping|Drip Irrigation Systems
New York Plantings Garden Designers
432 E 14st Manhattan, NY 10009 US
Phone: 347-558-7051 Website:

Custom Built Heavy Duty Highest Quality Planters Delivered and Installed NYC by
IPE Planters, Cedar Planter Boxes and Window Planter Boxes Custom Made. Planter Box Manhattan,NewYorkPlantings,Wooden planters,cadar box,building planter boxes,planters design,modular terrace planters,rooftop garden planters,NYC garden company,NY Plantings,Todd Nappi,clear coated cedar,interior plants,office plantscapes,custom made planter,NYC planter boxes,hardscapes NY,outdoor carpenters,built in planters,garden designers NYC,Brooklyn landscape designers
......More of how we became the "go to" custom planter builder in Manhattan, NYC
Improving upon planter box design and function of wooden planters.
Planter boxes need to perform certain functions besides act as a planting container. A planter box that holds soil and your trees and plants or flowers. Depending upon design and how well the planter is built also determines how well or how long a custom built planter will provide support for our garden's or landscape's trees,shrubs or flowers in planters.

    If you have ever had the experience of a large tree planter falling apart or not functioning properly (in support of plantings) such as poor drainage or some other issue then you may agree that paying a bit more now or finding the right planter box that fits your space perfectly is worth the time and effort. Consider this:
 You have invested time, and money to nurture a tree to maturity however as the trees became more valuable and beautiful, the planter boxes that  support that tree should hold up without fail and look as good as new for decades. 
   In fact, with the landscape and garden services provided by you are getting much more than just a custom built planter for your money. More than any local store selling economy(pre made thin wood and staples) wood planters can provide.

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors NYC ask a few questions to help you to decide what type and size planter is best for your needs.

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Above: Custom built planters delivered and installed and complete terrace garden package by

As true garden enthusiast, New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contracting team owner Todd Nappi is happy to share advice  for how to choose custom built planter boxes. We have received calls from around the country, even from highly skilled carpenters and woodworkers asking for advice as to the best way to build planters and what features will make an attractive, strong, long lasting planter box. 
    In fact, even a few high end contractors and builders that could easily build their own planters have commissioned NY Plantings to build custom planters for their clients' penthouse gardens, rooftop and townhouse landscapes while renovating some of the finest properties of Manhattan and NYC. New York Plantings provides hardscape and custom built planters to the trade such as fellow landscape designers, landscape architects or garden designers.   
Some tips for designing and purchasing custom planters: (link to more info coming soon)

Tip #1. Keep it simple:  A brief call to our company at 347-558-7051 or email to request pricing or information is welcome.

Tip #2.
Try to use as large a custom planter as possible. Custom built planters will fit the space and allow you to provide your garden tees and shrubs room to row. Roots are less likely to be damaged by cold in Winter, a larger root system means that plantings are less sensitive to changes in temperature, less sensitive brief interruptions in irrigation or unusually hot weather.    
                                                    More tips coming soon on our dedicated
custom planter page!


  We specialize in wood planters. There is NO better material than wood to build planters from. Plants, shrubs and trees are proven to thrive and most healthy when properly planted in solid thick wooden planters.  

 Above: Manhattan Terrace Garden Design. Custom Built Clear Mahogany Planter built in style with clearcoat. Complete with soil, proper drainage, Landscape Lighting, Drip Irrigation and Professional Garden Design with Plantings Complete and "Ready to come out and Sit Down" 
                                                                                    For Under $20K!  (2015)

     Huge improvement in view from inside, privacy and an inviting place to relax with a complete planter and garden layout. Low maintenance and ready to use complete with watering system and 1 year maintenance agreement.

NY Plantings can make custom or standard sized planters from any material such as stainless steel planters, aluminum planters and even composite or stone/brick or tile veneer planters. As a true garden design and build team we are open to and can take on any style or concept garden landscape project. 
Custom built planters and planter boxes of the finest quality. We build planters and containers that will last for decades. Imagine having the perfect fit in planter boxes for your terrace garden, penthouse roof garden or rooftop landscape.
We can stop by to measure for you and design the perfect terrace hardscape or simply make to order your custom built planter using your dimensions.
We are happy to discuss and help you to decide what style, size material and finish.
    Natural, clear coated, stained or painted.
   Features such as LED Landscape Lights or "courtesy lights" (A customer's favorite and a NewYorkPlantings custom built planter trademark feature) see some of our many images.  
  We cannot fit all the information and images here of our several styles and types of custom built and standard sized planters we are working on our planter box page   between garden installations, hardscape contracting and irrigation system installations.     

                                      Simply visit our website's "Contact Us" page OR give a call or text to 347-558-7051      
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